Available Berth Listings & Pricing

The Marina at Christophe Harbour has a limited offering of freehold, alongside berths from 150 - 400 ft. available for purchase.

150'/45m Berths (for vessels from 100' to 150')
berth width draft price
A01 45ft/14m 18.5ft/5.6m $2,000,000
A03 45ft/14m 18.5ft/5.6m $2,000,000
A07 40ft/12m 18.5ft/5.6m $1,875,000
A09 40ft/12m 18.5ft/5.6m $1,875,000
A11 45ft/14m 18.5ft/5.6m $1,875,000
New 150' + 20' Berths
(for vessels 100' to 170'; Max LOA is 170'/50m)*
berth width draft price
A02 45ft/14m 15.5ft/4.7m $2,250,000
A04 45ft/14m 15.5ft/4.7m $2,250,000
A08 40ft/12m 15.5ft/4.7m $2,000,000
A12 40ft/12m 15.5ft/4.7m $2,000,000
200'/60m Berths (for vessels 170' to 200')
berth width draft price
A19 50ft/15m 18.5ft/5.6m $2,950,000
A20 50ft/15m 18.5ft/5.6m $3,500,000
350'/106m Berths
berth width draft price
B01 65ft/19.8m 25ft/7.6m $6,250,000
B03 63ft/19m 20ft/6m $6,250,000
B04 63ft/19m 20ft/6m $6,250,000
B05 63ft/19m 20ft/6m $6,250,000
370'/112m Berths
berth width draft price
B06 65ft/19.8m 20ft/6m $6,500,000
400’/122m Berths
berth width draft price
B02 67ft/20m 20ft/6m $7,000,000

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