Christophe Harbour Foundation

Our Mission

The Christophe Harbour Foundation is a charitable organization established by Christophe Harbour Development Company in 2008 to foster community outreach projects in the Federation. The CHF is currently the largest supporter of youth literacy and development in the Federation. To-date, more than $750,000 have been reinvested into the community in support of youth, culture, health and wellness, culture, preservation and social development projects that enhance the environment and lives of Federation citizens.

The Christophe Harbour Foundation is funded by real estate sales within the community. One-half percent of every Christophe Harbour real estate sale is donated to the Foundation by the Christophe Harbour Development Company. The sales of an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 properties developed over the next 20 years will generate substantial revenue for the Foundation and its grant recipients.  

Christophe Harbour members share a vested interest in the growth of the community and the success of the Federation. Over the next two decades, through purchasing property, each new member will be contributing to the community enrichment funding that defines the Christophe Harbour Foundation's mission.

To request funding from the Christophe Harbour Foundation:
Grant Request Application