Sanctuary Lane

True to its name, Sanctuary Lane offers residents a coveted Caribbean retreat—distinguished by style, serenity, and stunning natural landscapes.

The Enclave

Single and multi-family villas

An inviting courtyard aesthetic, heightened by lush private gardens and artfully manicrued pathways, defines the neighborhood. Prime placement among Christophe Harbour's most colorful vistas makes nature itself the neighborhood's most cherished amenity. Something for every predilection, choose from single-family 3 to 4-bedroom, 3.5 to 4.5 bath villas or a 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath multi-family options.

Distinctive Elements

Modern aesthetics and lush landscapes

  • Raymond Jungles’ designed private gardens, lushly landscaped pathways and a courtyard aesthetic make the landscaping a primary amenity
  • Fully furnished, 3 to 4 bedrooms, single and multi-family villas with exterior kitchen, pool, and jacuzzi package options
  • Modern aesthetic with tropical influences; clean lines with abundant glass and large windows, and warm wood accents that marry it to the landscape
  • Seamless integration of modern interiors and exterior living space enveloped by dense tropical landscaping designed to create an intimate retreat
  • Membership in the Christophe Harbour Club
  • Eligibility for the Citizenship by Investment program

Raymond Jungles Landscape Design

Sanctuary Park

The Raymond Jungles' designed "Sanctuary Park" will be comprised of lush tropical landscaping, private benches, intimate walkways and lookouts. This future amenity will serve as the enclave's stunning centerpiece. 

Sanctuary Lane

  • Multiple villa options with exterior kitchen, pool, and jacuzzi options
  • Lush, private gardens and courtyards designed by renowned landscape architect Raymond Jungles
  • Located in the heart of Christophe Harbour's premier neighborhood, Sandy Bank Bay

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