St. Kitts

Spectacular rugged beauty created by majestic green mountains and golden sand beaches, tranquil bays, and tropical hillsides.

A Place Like No Other

From sparkling, jeweled waters that kiss gold and pink sands. To lush, verdant hillsides that rise into majestic mountains. Here on the West Indian isle of St. Kitts, the place once known as the "Cradle of the Caribbean" where the Atlantic Ocean meets Caribbean Sea, you'll discover culture, history and the warmest of welcomes. It’s the perfect backdrop for living at Christophe Harbour and enjoying outdoor adventure, cultural excursions, boating, golf – or doing nothing at all.

Authentic Soul

One of the last relatively undiscovered Caribbean islands, St. Kitts' combination of natural beauty and vibrant culture gives the island an authentic soul.

St. Kitts is dedicated to preserving what makes the island so special. Residents of Christophe Harbour will be able to enjoy the distinctive Caribbean island character for generations to come. A quarter of St. Kitts is a designated national park. Above 1,000 feet you will find American Oceanic Rainforest, one of the rarest ecosystems in the world, housing gumbo limbo trees and green vervet monkeys. The government is also working to create Marine Protected Areas to protect the island’s coral reefs and marine life.

Vibrant Culture and Rich History

In concert with an evolving economy and modern conveniences, visitors to St. Kitts will find a flourishing culture and heritage. Batik making, world-class cricket tournaments, Carnival celebrations, lively music festivals, and vibrant beachfront cafes serving fresh local fish, conch fritters, plantains, and "rice and peas" are among the traditions that give the island its character.

A mix of African, European and Caribbean cultures, St. Kitts has a storied history. The oldest and wealthiest of all the English colonies in the Caribbean, the island is rich with history and boasts more than 250 heritage sites for exploration. Historical sites open for visitors include the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating from the late 1600s and one of the best-preserved historical fortifications in the Americas.