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Fuel farm improves Caribbean superyacht services landscape

By Angie Owen in Marina, St. Kitts, Yachting

Exciting news for superyacht captains in the Caribbean: The Marina at Christophe Harbour's state-of-the-art fuel farm is up and running, ready to serve yachts up to 85m. Both tax and duty exempt, Christophe Harbour's fuel will cost on average 10 cents less per US gallon than the local average, presenting a key improvement to regional superyacht infrastructure and offerings.

The addition of the fuel farm to The Marina at Christophe Harbour's services is just another step in ensuring that the marina is able to make the lives of captain, crew and owners easier. Since fuel is one of the primary outgoings for any yacht owner, finding a reliable, convenient, high-quality and cost-effective location to refuel is something at the top of every captain's list. Christophe Harbour will be able to deliver top grade fuel, quickly, for significantly less than other traditional Caribbean hubs. 

Taking on bunkers can typically dictate a yacht's schedules for departure and arrivals, sometimes even its charter availability, so as well as in-berth fuelling, the marina also features a ‘stop-and-go’ fuelling dock, situated immediately in front of the channel mouth for ease of use, for more opportunistic refuelling.

The onsite tank capacity is 48,000 US gallons, enabling the marina to offer 40,000 US gallons per day in-slip fuelling for vessels up to and in excess of 125 gallons per minute of Sol-supplied ultra-low Sulphur diesel. Designed, built and operated to USA environmental and construction standards, the fuel farm features hydrant connection and nozzle dispensing options, automatic in-tank water intrusion detection system, a unique online dual-filtration system at the pump manifold for diesel vessel deliveries, and a state-of-the-art leak detection system with remote monitoring capabilities.

Christophe Harbour's infrastructure not only caters to superyachts, but also incorporates all of the other transport fuelling services owners and guests could require, such as jet and helicopter fuelling via partners, YU Lounge private jet terminal. In a region where much of the yachting traffic is composed of charter yachts, these polished services, as well as St Kitts' location in the centre of the popular West Indies (around 40nm from St Barths, 48nm from Antigua and 44nm from St Maarten) makes Christophe Harbour a really attractive option for starting and ending Caribbean charters.

Please contact our dockmaster, Linda Pearson, or our director of yachting, Aeneas Hollins, for more information on our fuel and marina services.

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