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Create Your Space: RAZO Shares Insights Into Caribbean Home Construction

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live the island life? In this series, “Create Your Space,” we share a glimpse of the people, places, and life that make Christophe Harbour and St. Kitts home. We'll also share some expert insight into how to create a space that you can call your own, whether you're visiting, shopping for a Caribbean vacation home, or settling into a new beachfront villa for good. Today's wisdom comes from David DiRienzo, President and CEO of RAZO Construction. David built the very first home in Christophe Harbour in 2010 and since then RAZO has built several other custom homes at Christophe Harbour and throughout St. Kitts and Nevis. They also built the award-winning SALT Plage. With a team that lives and works full time in the Caribbean, RAZO know what it takes to create a space that lives well all year long.

To create any “space,” you have to start with the vision. It’s our goal to create synergy between that vision, also known as the client’s dream, and the Caribbean lifestyle. And to do that, we must understand what space means to them (and it can mean many different things) and determine how that will work here in the Caribbean.

What we find works best in Caribbean homes is a seamless mesh of indoor and outdoor living. As a Caribbean resident myself, we embrace the outdoor living aspect of our island home and strive to find the ultimate transparency between indoor and outdoor. But we also know that the weather can change from breezy to still or sunny to rainy in a moment’s notice. That being said, there is a massive need for outdoor covered spaces, and finding that perfect balance between breeze, sun, and rain is the key to any Caribbean home. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time placing the home on its site.  Sunsets, sunrises and prevailing winds are some of our primary focus, which allows our clients to capitalize on these priceless gifts of the Caribbean. We make sure our clients can capture and appreciate what’s good about life in the Caribbean from as many spaces on their property as possible.

Undoubtedly, there are many challenges that arise when building fine homes in the Caribbean. But we handle those challenges with results and solutions in mind. One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes is “Give me your fears and give me your limitations, and I will show you results”.  Ten years of building in the Caribbean has allowed us to perfect the process.

Sustainability is another big consideration for any Caribbean home project. We live, work and construct on an island thousands of miles away from major business centers, so RAZO Construction understands the need for building sustainable homes and sustainable building practices here in the Caribbean. We want to create something that is livable and enjoyable – but with easy upkeep. Therefore, we build low maintenance, durable homes that are built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

We are currently building the largest residential solar field in St. Kitts for one of our clients, and all our homes have cisterns which allow for complete self-sustainability. Because our homes are custom built, most of the finishing materials we use in construction are stored for long-term maintenance. And our finishing shop is producing a significant amount of cabinetry and other items here on-island. The quality is exceptional, highly customizable and reduces the added cost and time of having to ship.

RAZO Construction built the very first home in Christophe Harbour in 2010, and we have been building fine Caribbean homes here in St. Kitts and Nevis ever since. While our primary focus has been within Christophe Harbour, we have several showcase homes around the island. The basics are the same (expansive windows, outdoor patios, pools, outdoor kitchens), the homes are all very different and consider the homeowner’s wants, needs, and the way they live their lives.

As a builder, we play a large role in helping create a home that helps people stay connected to what’s meaningful in their lives. This is an important thing considering their St. Kitts home is not likely to be a primary residence, but a vacation home (possibly one of many). Nothing is more important than peace of mind for our clients when they are not in St Kitts. We manage the construction process, from dirt to draperies, and work with amazing design professionals who help synthesize the client’s wishes, styles and vision into something real and achievable. We cater to clients’ varied range of involvement, and the digital age makes it easy to communicate throughout the process. Most clients feel like they are in St Kitts without even being here.

We believe that “space” extends beyond the physical boundaries of the home. And that’s why we help manage each and every experience for our clients on the island. We don’t just build homes for our clients, we maintain them, prepare the homes prior to our clients’ arrival, provide full personalized concierge services and make sure that all is perfect for them. It is our main objective always to ensure that their experience living in paradise is like no other. And that’s what creating a space means to us.

RAZO has been building fine Caribbean homes at Christophe Harbour and throughout St. Kitts and Nevis since 2010. Beyond the brick and mortar, RAZO builds luxury and quality experiences by inspiring authentic relationships and raising the standard of excellence in everything they do. To see their portfolio of work, visit them online at www.razoconstruction.com

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