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Founded in 1958, Morehouse MacDonald and Associates, Inc. (MMA, Inc.) specializes in custom high-end residential architecture and has worked extensively throughout the United States and Caribbean, including several ongoing projects in Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts and the neighboring island of Nevis, West Indies.

At MMA, Inc. we understand you have a unique vision for your island home, and our process ensures that we exceed your every expectation. We analyze sites for their natural and emotive power, drawing upon the sensuality and distinctive style of materials and locales to ensure we find the perfect site for your project. We work closely with you to create the design, using the latest three-dimensional technology to digitally bring your home to life well before shovels hit the ground. Members of our team are multi-lingual, enabling MMA to effectively communicate with a wide array of international clientele. We provide worry-free project administration and supervision throughout the life of the project, ensuring impeccable workmanship and adherence to regulations and schedule.

MMA, Inc. provides streamlined design and architectural services, including incomparable interior design through a joint venture with the highly reputable firm of Sterling Design. This venture enables MMA, Inc. to dovetail architecture and interiors to provide comprehensive, world-class service while ensuring an orderly project timeline, without sacrificing design integrity or construction quality. Working closely with you from inception through completion, we leverage our exceptional communications skills and the latest three-dimensional technology to ensure you fully understand every step of the process as we bring our collective vision for your project to life on time and on budget.

Let MMA, Inc. be your partner as we envision, plan, and construct your vision that matches your unique aspiration, style and personality.





"We were very lucky to find and hire John and his team to design our new home at Christophe Harbour.  They are very professional and talented and provide a precise high-end service. Their work is done in a humble and patient way while being sensitive to our needs, wishes, and requests. They adjusted their plans to suit our desires and budget.  We chose to include the interior design collaboration with Shelby Simes from Sterling Design, which John provided for us.  The combination of their talent and passion makes the process of building a new home pleasant and enjoyable. We always looked forward to our meetings with John and Shelby, who managed to surprise us each time with how much care they put into each detail of the design.  John also assisted us with finding the right builder and landscape designer who worked together in harmony to create the house of our dreams.  We have never had such a great experience with an architectural firm and we recommend John and his team with all our heart."  - Private Christophe Harbour residents


"Over the past few years, while working on the project and the construction of my villa on St. Kitts, I was fortunate to run into a talented architect John MacDonald. His incredible talent and professionalism, as well as a wealth of experience in design and the ability to think outside the box, allowed the team under his leadership as soon as possible to create a comprehensive project of my villa and make it a reality. The project developed by John and Anthony met all my wishes and requirements were taken into account. Used in the project architectural and technological solutions allow to implement the villa project and finish the construction in time. Throughout the whole period of design and construction, John and his team were constantly in touch, instantly respond to any requests and emerging issues found and make quick and clear decisions, held regular supervision of the construction progress along its entire length. He was always ready to help with advice and deed. There were showed and the best human qualities - friendliness, responsiveness, sensitivity, and diligence. All local authorities and all necessary approvals from the island of administration have been conducted have been met thanks to his experience and knowledge of the laws. When construction was completed, the result I was very pleased. Except for minor changes that were made to the project already during construction, at my request, the villa was built according to the project on time and looked great! Now, after entering houses in the operation, John continues to help me deal with emerging issues and warrants villa. I am very grateful to John for his work, for his professional attitude, for his friendly and human assistance. As a result, I received not only a beautiful villa but also acquired a reliable friend and helper.  - Natalia Maklakova 

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