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St. Kitts Recognized for Rainforest Conservation Efforts

By admin in Nature and Environment

St. Kitts was recently featured in the international publication, Wild Junket, for our work to protect the rainforest. 

Here's what they had to say:

“Contrary to what is happening to most rainforests around the world, the tropical rainforest on St. Kitts have been expanding at a steady pace due to the halt in sugar cane production and the excellent conservation work from associations and operators like Greg’s Safaris. This expansion has caught the attention of other countries in the Caribbean and South America, which are now adopting similar conservation techniques,” said a feature article on the T-List.

Aside from the tranquil beaches and flavourful Caribbean food, one of the biggest draw of St. Kitts is its rainforest. Protected since 1902, the Central Reserve Rain Forest covers almost 25% of the island extending from the foothills of the mountains that rise up from the interior of the island, all the way to the coastline. They’re lush, pristine, and very well protected – with little or no intervention from external parties."

Read the article in its entiretity here:  http://tinyurl.com/alxw5ap

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