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Fired Up for Parrilla Grill Fridays at The Pavilion

By Katherine Verano in Dining, Events, St. Kitts

The custom-made Grillworks USA Architectural system is the focal point of The Pavilion's show kitchen and a first for St Kitts.

The culinary team at Christophe Harbour is “fired up” about their newest addition. What was once a forgotten fireplace is now the focal point of The Pavilion’s show kitchen with a new Argentinian-inspired, wood-fired grill.

“We finally have an amazing use for The Pavilion’s open fireplace,” said Executive Chef Barnaby Jones.

Known as a Parrilla, this artisanal grill was custom made for The Pavilion and is the first of its kind in St. Kitts. “Nothing beats that traditional wood-grill flavor, and we’re really excited about the opportunity to grill up fresh local fish, lobster, and veggies as well as prime cuts of meat over an open fire” added Jones.

Excited indeed. The team have just announced special “Parilla Fridays” at The Pavilion. Join us this and every Friday at The Pavilion for a three-course, family style feast showcasing a platter of wood-fired, grilled meats and vegetables. It’s a sharing concept, so be sure to bring your family and friends. The more, the merrier!

Cost is $120 USD++ for two, minimum two persons. Reservations Required. Please contact The Pavilion at 869-465-8304 to reserve your table. 

A sample menu is below, and items will change weekly based upon availability!

First Course

                    Salted Mahi Brandade Crostini                    


Warm Lentils with Goats Cheese

Main Course

From the Parrilla:

Lamb Chops, Angus Ribeye, Chicken Thighs & Spicy Sausage

Grilled Spring Onions, Roasted Tomatoes & Peppers, Sautéed Potatoes

Housemade Chimichurri, Red Wine Jus, and Garlic Herb Butter


Crème Caramel

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