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Christophe Harbour Donates $20,000 USD Towards Purchase of New Ambulance for JNF General Hospital

By Katherine Verano in Christophe Harbour Foundation, Community, Wellness

Medical Chief of Staff at JNF General Hospital Dr. Cameron Wilkinson (center) thanks the Christophe Harbour Foundation for their generous donation of $20,000 USD towards the purchase of a new ambulance for the hospital in Basseterre. Photo by SKNIS. 

The Christophe Harbour Foundation is pleased to partner with The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Windsor University School of Medicine and Dr. Cameron Wilkinson, Medical Chief of Staff at Joseph Nathaniel France (JNF) General Hospital in Basseterre to support the purchase of a new ambulance for the hospital.

The Foundation donated $20,000 USD towards the purchase of the ambulance, an effort that was recognized at a fundraising event held at The St. Kitts Marriott on Saturday, July 22. Several Christophe Harbour staff members were present to represent the company and take part in the fundraising event. The Foundation thanks Dr. Wilkinson and Minister for Health Wendy Phipps for their comtinued efforts to improve the healthcare standards for all in the Federation.

The Christophe Harbour Foundation has worked closely with the Ministry of Health to support their needs over the years, including procurement of several incubators and other neonatal care supplies for JNF Hospital and delivery beds, nebulizers, cardiac monitors and other medical supplies for Pogson Medical Cetner in Sandy Point. 

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