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Create Your Space: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Katherine Verano in Community, Real Estate, St. Kitts

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live the island life? In this series, “Create Your Space,” we share a glimpse of the people, places, and life that make Christophe Harbour and St. Kitts home. We'll also share some expert insight into how to create a space that you can call your own, whether you're visiting, shopping for a Caribbean vacation home, or settling into a new beachfront home permanently. Today's wisdom comes from John MacDonald, Principal of architectural design firm Morehouse, MacDonald & Associates, and Russell Fortenberry, Residential Construction Manager of Bennett Hofford Caribbean Construction Company, on the importance of a strong design-build team and what it...

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US Air Force Reserve Aids Christophe Harbour Foundation & Source Relief in Operation Autism Relief

By Katherine Verano in Christophe Harbour Foundation, Community, St. Kitts

A United States AIr Force C-17 cargo plane touches down in St. Kitts loaded with a delivery of goods for the new St. Kitts Spectrum Services autism centre. 

With a little help from the United States Air Force Reserve, "Operation Autism Relief – St. Kitts" is a success. Early this morning, the Christophe Harbour Foundation in partnership with Source Relief Inc. loaded several palettes of furniture, autism therapy toys and assessment tools onto a United States Air Force C-17 cargo plane at the Charleston Air Force Base. Some three hours later, the plane touched down in Basseterre, St. Kitts. with the materials, which are slated for the highly anticipated St. Kitts Spectrum Services Autism Centre, which is...

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Congratulations to Christophe Harbour Employee and Manager of the Quarter

By Katherine Verano in Community, St. Kitts

Left to Right: Manager of the Quarter Andrew Graham (c) with Aeneas Hollins (l) and Jon Gersonde (r); Employee of the Quarter Rosita Liburd (l) with Jon Gersonde (r); and Employee of the Quarter Verniel Clarke (c) with Clyde Takayama (l) and Jon Gersonde (r)

Christophe Harbour Development Company is pleased to recognize three exceptional employees for their excellence and leadership during the second quarter of 2018. Acknowledging both front and back of house employees, Vice President of Operations Jon Gersonde and Human Resources Manager Akela Browne announced the winners at the company’s quarterly all employee meeting last week. Verniel Clarke from the Facilities Maintenance department and Rosita Liburd, a retail attendance at Joya St. Kitts, received the...

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We’re Celebrating Nevis Culture. . . and Mangos this July

By Katherine Verano in

Summertime is always a great time to visit the sister islands of St. Kitts and Nevis for many reasons: sun, sand, and sea being the most obvious. But summertime in St. Kitts and Nevis also means festival fun and the arrival of mango season.

Nevis Mango Festival: July 5-8

July is the month of the mango and Nevis celebrates the venerable summertime fruit with an entire weekend of mango celebration. There are 44 varieties of mangos to be found in St. Kitts and Nevis, many of them native to the twin-islands, and with names like Graham, Teeny, Julie Mango, Amory Polly and Long Mango – you will certainly have ample selections. International celebrity...

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From Junkyard to Main Attraction: The Journey of the SALT Plage “Fireball”

By Katherine Verano in Community, Dining, Events, St. Kitts

When SALT Plage Manager Chris Warburton presented the idea for a Full Moon Party on the shores of Whitehouse Bay, the central theme was fire. And he needed a fireball. Not just any fireball. A big, bold, blazing fireball. Something unique to SALT Plage and St. Kitts. Something that could be the main attraction.

Deliberation and determination led him to the Commercial Diving Academy on Bay Road in Basseterre, where he found his shining star in the form of an old rusted, sugar hopper.

“I’d been asking around and heard that they had some old sugar hoppers down at the Dive Center. I figured it was worth a look around to see if there was something suitable,...

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