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The Caribbean Unknown

By Katherine Verano in Nature and Environment

Modern science tells us that we, the human animal, utilize only 10% of our brain. Since middle-school biology class, we’ve puzzled over this. 10%? How can that be? A cure for polio, gravity-defying rocket launches to the moon, the internet, the iPad, cloning, master symphonies—all achieved using only 1/10th of our cognitive ability? While the other 90% naps or rouses itself to eat a bon bon or two before returning to slumber? What, then, could be achieved were we to goad our entire minds into action?

Now, consider this.

The Caribbean, that modern day paradise to world-travelers and celebrity elite, is only 2% inhabited. You read that right. When we talk of the Caribbean, of St. Kitts, St. Barths, St....

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Legendary Beginnings:  How St. Kitts got (or didn’t get) its name.

By Katherine Verano in Community, Nature and Environment, St. Kitts

While several theories on the origin of St. Kitts name are still debated 519 years after Christopher Columbus first spotted the island, one slightly fanciful premise lends the moniker the most color.

Legend has it that, in 1493, when Columbus sailed past the island for the first time, he found its distinct shape intriguing. Much as one might imagine a herd of elephants or a stately castle in a particular mass of clouds, the explorer conjured a recognizable figure in the island’s outline. To the active imagination of Columbus, it mimicked a silhouette of St. Christopher carrying the Christ child. So taken by the likeness, he christened the island St. Christopher. Nearly two centuries later, when Britain’s Sir Thomas Warner...

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The Shell Game: Sponsorship of the Turtle Monitoring Network

By Katherine Verano in Christophe Harbour Foundation, Nature and Environment

While we here at Christophe Harbour have a great many people to thank for protecting St. Kitts' stunning, natural environment, the Dermochelys coriacea reserve their heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Kimberly Stewart, of the St. Kitts Turtle Monitoring Network.

Following a grant from the Christophe Harbour Foundation, Dr. Stewart and her team have worked diligently to educate our beach cleaning crews and landscape staff on the habits and habitats of the island’s sea turtles. The St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN) is a nonprofit organization that studies nesting populations and advocates for the strengthening of sea turtle protection laws. A nominee for the St. Kitts Tourism Authority’s 2011 Environmental Excellence Award, SKSTMN has proven to be an invaluable partner...

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Hawksbill Sea Turtle Nest Successfully Relocated

By Katherine Verano in Christophe Harbour Foundation, Nature and Environment, St. Kitts

This past Saturday, a hawksbill sea turtle nest was discovered by a member of the Christophe Harbour Security Team in the parking area of the Beach House Restaurant. With a quick call to the Sea Turtle Hotline, the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN) first responders were quick to arrive on the scene. Together, the SKSTMN first responders and members of the Christophe Harbour team relocated the nest, containing 118 ping-pong-ball-sized eggs, to a safer location on Turtle Beach. The SKSTMN team will carefully monitor the eggs during the 60 day incubation period and excavate the nest once the hatchlings emerge to determine hatch success.

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Tern Nests Sign of Flourishing Life Near Salt Ponds

By Katherine Verano in Nature and Environment, St. Kitts

Terns are nesting at Harbourside, land that Christophe Harbour has created along the perimeter of the harbour. Discovered by a young boy, these nests are an especially exciting find because they are a sign that bird life is returning to the area known as the "Great Salt Pond." Previously, the hyper-saline environment of the salt pond was unable to sustain much life, but since the pond is now flushing with fresh water, new plant and animal life are being discovered. The terns are the newest inhabitants.

These pictures of Terns and their nests were taken by Callen, an elementary aged boy who attends Ross Prep School on St. Kitts. Every year, the school hosts a fundraiser selling calendars, and all of...

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