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Dine Under the Stars with “Dinner on the Dock” at SALT Plage

By Katherine Verano in Dining, Events, St. Kitts

Join us for family-style Spanish themed Dinner on the Dock Saturday, March 30th. 

How does dining underneath the stars beside the sea sound. . . with cool ocean breezes. . . and the ocean lapping gently underneath? Yeah, we thought so too. Enter SALT Plage's new "Dinner on the Dock."

"Dinner on the Dock" takes full advantage of our outdoor setting to bring you a culinary exploration of some of the world's best cuisine.  Join us every month for a family-style dining experience on the dock with a revolving theme. This month will be a Spanish theme. 

Join us for Dinner on the Dock Saturday, March 30th. 

$48 USD per person ++ includes red and white wine

Family-style Spanish Dinner

Drinks on Special

Cocktails at 6:30 pm, dinner to follow at 7:00 pm. 

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