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Need a Craft Cocktail Getaway? Head to SALT Plage on St. Kitts

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For most of us, it’s cold right now. For some of us, it’s really, really cold (tongue stuck to a flagpole cold).

It’s a time when sun-warmed sand and fresh, tropical cocktails are not just appealing, but you might consider selling a limb for them. It’d be one thing to just head south and go to any island in the Caribbean, but what about when you want a well-made, well thought-out cocktail? Well, we have the answer and we think you’re going to like it.

Located on the island of St. Kitts (which has an average temperature in December of 82 degrees Fahrenheit), Salt Plage at Christophe Harbour, is your...

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Superyacht 101: Advice from Fellow Owner Buddy Darby

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Editor’s note: This is the sixth installment in  a series on MegayachtNews.com for first-time buyers (see “Introducing the Superyacht 101 Series”). Who better to provide advice than someone who’s gone through the process? For this article, we spoke with Buddy Darby (above), who has owned a few sailing yachts. His current superyacht is a 154-footer (54-meter), acquired on the brokerage market. Here, he relates what he underestimated in the purchase process, plus what went right straight from day one.

MegayachtNews.com: How long ago did you purchase your first superyacht? 

Buddy Darby: We purchased the beautiful and classic sailing...

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