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30 Awesome Things You need to do in St. Kitts

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Do you hear that?

It's the soft, subtle sound of tousled ocean waves; the salty sea breeze rummaging through flexible palm trees; and ice chunks firmly clinking down into your glass, which will soon fill with Caribbean rum and fresh fruit juice.

Yes, St. Kitts offers the classic Caribbean concoction for the senses – full of the flavour, sights and sounds that you yearn for from your dusty office desk – but if you listen closely, you'll hear more than that, too. It's the laughter of your kids, whooping as they soar through the jungle on a sturdy zipline; the revving of an engine as you tackle never-before-seen roads; and the cha-ching of a slot machine...

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New Hubs

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Where in the World? The superyacht hubs opening up cruising opportunities in 2017

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7 Superb Spots for Yachting Aficionados

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Located on St. Kitts, Christophe Harbour is the newest superyacht marina in the Caribbean. Capable of accommodating up to 250-foot superyachts, the marina will include 300 berths (priced from around $1.9 million) at project completion. Sporting the only berths in the Caribbean where owners can purchase a freehold title instead of a leasehold title, the marina will delight boating aficionados of all ages.

Construction is currently underway for the Marina Village, which will include a café, retail shops, and a three-story Customs House with a crew lounge, fitness center, and marina services station. The picturesque property also includes partial and whole-ownership residences for those who want to call the Caribbean home. Approximately 30 three- to four-bedroom units have been completed, with additional...

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Captains Transitioning Ashore

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How can on board experience as a captain aid those embarking on a career within a marina environment?

“I had to leave yachts due to obligatory military service in Turkey, but, this was the right time for me to settle down in Turkey. I was married and I was looking for a new challenge at the same time,” starts Can Akaltan, who recently assumed the position of general manager at Cesme Marina in Turkey. “The marina industry is a whole different challenge, no matter how much you learn, there’s still a lot of things where you can go further, investigate further and learn more,” he says, following his sharp rise through the management ranks at Cesme.<...

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Island-Hopper: Perfect Pairings

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Because the only thing better than a Caribbean vacation is two Caribbean vacations in one. 

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